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“Pour Boy Runner” Vinyl Die-Cut Stickers
  • “Pour Boy Runner” Vinyl Die-Cut Stickers

    SKU: 13118495782278725343

    Personalize these stickers with your stunning designs to fit any POD niche. These stickers don't fear rain or heat –they're suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Made from flexible white vinyl, they have a silky feel and matte finish. Vinyl stickers are stickier, more durable, and fade resistant than other stickers. Please avoid uploading multiple small designs to the Mockup Generator because the cutting machine might not see them as separate stickers and cut them into one.
    NB! Please note that designs with closed, transparent forms, such as circles/ squares / triangles etc., cannot be cut-out due to production limitations.

    .: Material: flexible white vinyl
    .: Comes in 6 sizes
    .: Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
    .: Luxury silky feel with a matte finish
    .: Blank product sourced from Germany
    .: NB! Small details close to each other will most likely be cut out as one shape

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