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Harrowing Tales of the Nitro Necromancer, Pint Glass
  • Harrowing Tales of the Nitro Necromancer, Pint Glass

    SKU: 24678731779316177301

    Unleash the epic battle of Brewberry into your daily life with our "Harrowing Tales of the Nitro Necromancer Pint Glass." This 16-ounce, high-quality glassware is much more than a simple vessel for your favorite beverage - it's a storytelling masterpiece.


    Encircling the entire pint glass is a thrilling 360-degree print, a detailed depiction of the Nitro Necromancer in action. Watch as this formidable creature, the Coffee Alchemist’s most fearsome creation, brings forth zombrews, bittergeists, spectrobeans, and decaf drones using his potent nitrous magic. Born of a chilling blend of dark magic and cold brew, the Nitro Necromancer is a captivatingly gruesome sight. His cold gaze and chilling aura, coupled with the legion of coffee-infused minions, will no doubt leave a striking impression on your guests.


    Witness the raw power of the Nitro Necromancer, an unholy fusion of icy nitrous energy and lifeless cold brew, untouched by the warmth of life. You can practically feel the chill in the air as you trace the intricately depicted spectral swirls of his dark magic on the surface of the glass. 


    This pint glass is not only a drinking vessel, but also a piece of art, showcasing the dark side of the whimsical world of Brewberry. Perfect for lovers of fantasy, coffee lore, or anyone who appreciates extraordinary design, this glass will no doubt become a conversation piece. 


    Bring home the "Harrowing Tales of the Nitro Necromancer Pint Glass" and let your imagination froth over, sip by chilling sip.

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