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Ole Bones Ribbon Cutting and Celebration

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Ole Bones Historic Graveyard Tour celebrates a successful launch: eight months since conception, and five months of successful tours led us here.

Over 40 Guests stopped through the event,

which was held at Colonial Park Cemetery, followed by a reception at Cup to Cup Cafe in Savannah. Guests included banking executives, local news media, bloggers, locals and natives, business educators, friends, family, and bystanders.

Mr Bones prepared a speech for the occasion.

Transcript follows:

"I want to thank everyone who decided to be here today. All of you could have easily chosen to be somewhere else, but that you are here is inspiring to me, and I am grateful.

My whole life I have been a creator... of music, stories, images, feelings, and emotions. As a creator I've come to understand that the creation of memories is the singular most beautiful thing we have in this life. The memories we create not only enrich the days we have left, but when we die those memories continue to enrich all the lives we have touched.

On behalf of my expected son, and my lovely wife to be, in celebration of all that we've achieved and with all the ambition and power I have in this mortal body... I make today a promise, that I will continue to strive and to create memories for others that are beautiful and strange and magical. I will never stop being what I am, and with any luck, that passion will inspire those that follow after me for many, many years to come.

What a beautiful day to be alive."

- Mr Bones

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